How to reorder product categories on WooCommerce shop page

As you probably know, within WooCommerce you can set the Shop page, while on that page, you can also set what you want to show there. You could show either categories, products or both. Now, the thing is that sorting options work only for products. But if you choose to display Product categories, they will order based on the date they were published.

If you want to rearrange the order of product categories, you don’t have to dig through all the hooks within WooCommerce ecosystem (like I did), or try several plugins (like I did), or even think about creating your own plugin (guess what – like I did). All you have to do is open product categories page and hover over any of the categories. You will see that your icon will change, which means that you will be able to rearrange categories only with your mouse… I had no idea that this option exists!

You’ll thank me another time…

  • Your instructions above pointed me in the right direction… but they didn’t work exactly as described. I went to the products > categories page but nothing happened when i hovered over any of my categories/rows. However, there is an untitled column at the end of each row with an icon that resembles a hamburger menu (three stacked lines). When I hover over that icon for each category, only then does the icon change… which allowed me to reorder the categories as you described. Thanks for post.

    • Hansje vd Tillaert

      i also used the hamburger menu but the category didn’t stay at the position a dragged it to.