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How to change href value using jQuery

If you have a situation where you would like to change href atribute (URL, that is), but can’t access the code directly, you can definitely try using jQuery prop(): [crayon-5a1659271c88b694901163/] So all you need to do is target <a> element within container and this should do the trick.  


Reloading the website on resolution change

The code I posted on this link works fine, but has one limitation – if the site visitor changes the resolution (rotates the mobile phone or tablet device), the stacking will remain as it was in the first place.


Changing order of HTML elements using jQuery

If you want to change the order of HTML elements displayed on the page, there are at least two options – the first one is to try CSS display property, namely any of the table-column-group, table-header-group and other values that make HTML elements to behave as table elements. This can perform only basic tasks, though, and normally...


How to add jQuery (or JS…) script on specific WordPress page

Let’s say that you want  to execute some jQuery script on a specific WordPress page – I had this case where I had to change the order of several HTML elements on a specific page, but as the website was using some sort of visual editor which adds the same classes for blocks of the same...


Glowing HTML button with jQuery

There are certainly better ways to create a glowing button, but here is one simple way I used on one of my clients’ websites. The request was to create a rounded button with glowing effect. In other words, I wasn’t able to use CSS3 infinite animations because none of them were suitable for that. Naturally,...


wp_pagenavi working with WP_Query

If you’re creating a custom template (let’s say for categories), then it is likely that you will have to use WP_Query class. But what if you want to use WP-PageNavi plugin in order to create pagination on the website? On one of the websites I’ve worked on recently, that’s exactly what I had to do, since the...