Contact & About

I belong to a group of about 200 developers from all over the world who have this pleasure and a rare opportunity to work for Codeable, one of the top WordPress freelancing agencies in the world.

I primarily develop WordPress themes – as for my skills, check the tags and categories on this website, these are the technologies I use on a daily basis.


If you need to modify any of the WordPress themes or turn your current (non-responsive) website into WordPress, I can do it for you. If you want to work with me, do not hesitate to reach me through my official Codeable profile. I don’t do projects outside of Codeable.


As for the contact (like personal emails, etc.), I don’t see the point in discussing personal matters, hobbies and similar things with people I’ve never seen or heard of, nor I have the time to do so. I hope you understand 🙂