This website

This is my online home (you can find a bit more about me by clicking here). I am not a blogger and this website is actually my documentation. There are zillions of excellent programming blogs out there, WordPress resources and many other excellent things so I don’t see the point of having another blog that would cover things which are covered elsewhere. But since there are many generous people in open source community providing software, code, ideas, and many other things, I’ve opened this website so I could share some of my ideas back to community.

Normally I will write about things I stumbled upon and had to solve for my clients, hoping you will have use of it as well. Also, I will post useful resources and links in the resources section, so I encourage you to have a look.  But on the other hand, I am also using this “blog” to push myself each and every day to learn something new, given that it seems like that if I write about the things I learned, that’s what keeps me motivated, especially on those days when you don’t feel motivated to do anything useful at all 🙂 .

Also, this website is different from other web development blogs because everything I will write here will be short – no fancy introductions and conclusions. I guess readers likely don’t need explanations for most of these things (such as what is featured image in WordPress, what are CSS animations, etc).