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How to cut the title after certain number of characters

You probably know that in WordPress, for any kind of data (for example, page or post title, or post category…), you can either use the function which displays any of these data (for example the_title()), or you can only get the value (get_the_title()) without echoing and then use that value so you could apply some additional...


How to password protect all posts within post type

If you want to protect all posts within selected post type (for example all products), you can try my Bulk Password Protect Post Types plugin. I published this plugin few days ago and it allows you to choose one or more post types and set password for all posts within. If you like it, feel free...


Download working WordPress “X | The Theme” child theme

Ever had a project where you had to create a child theme for WordPress “X | The Theme” but you didn’t have the original child theme available? If you used any of the child theme configurators, there is a big chance that child theme didn’t work or didn’t import styles. In that case, don’t hesitate...


How to copy text from website to clipboard

So this is the scenario – you have this text on your website and would like to have a button that would allow the visitor to copy the text into clipboard using one click, without requiring them to select the text manually. Thankfully, there is a clipboard.js library, allowing us to perform different kinds of...


Adding WordPress menu item description using nav_menu_item_title()

The answer to how to add description into WordPress menu items is – easy :). All you need to do is extend walker class using nav_menu_item_title() filter which came with WordPress 4.4.  So basically, all we need to do is to add $item->description where appropriate, which means inside the start_el() function which generates the menu link.


Auto compile Sass on save in NetBeans

If you’re developing WordPress websites in NetBeans, there is a chance that you will edit CSS using the Sass approach. In other words, for every change you make in any of the Sass partials, you will surely want these changes compile into main style.css file automatically. NetBeans offers you this option. And the best of all, it’s very...

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How to change the number of documents (items) in WPML Translation management

If you’re translating your website into another language (or languages) using WPML and have lots of of pages, posts, products, etc., then you will likely use WPML Translation management to bulk translate multiple items at once. The current version of WPML ( as of this article) provides two options – show all documents or 20 documents only.


How to (quickly) debug WordPress white screen

In my experience, there are two kinds of people – people who experienced WordPress white screen and people who will experience it sooner or later. For example, one of my clients had a custom coded theme which worked well. But after WordPress 4.2 appeared (he performed an update), his website turned to blank. The issue...

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