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Auto compile Sass on save in NetBeans

If you’re developing WordPress websites in NetBeans, there is a chance that you will edit CSS using the Sass approach. In other words, for every change you make in any of the Sass partials, you will surely want these changes compile into main style.css file automatically. NetBeans offers you this option. And the best of all, it’s very...

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Listing WooCommerce products by tags

This may not be a frequent request, but few months ago I had a client who wanted to list WooCommerce products by tags assigned to each product. There was no official plugin available (there still isn’t, from what I can tell), but a quick googling brought me to solution created by Remi Corson, WooThemes developer.


How to upload files to GitHub

I have a feeling that there aren’t many clear and simple tutorials containing information on how to quickly get started with GitHub – specifically, info on how to perform a task of uploading project into online repository. Although there is a nice Windows application available for GitHub, believe it or not, I prefer to use Shell, although...


How to style and change comment form in WordPress

The WordPress function comment_form() is used for generating commenting form within WordPress theme. The great thing about this function is that it has wide range of parameters you can use to perform fine tuning. You could do something as simple as changing the wording (“Leave a reply”), or you could also create advanced layouts. For example,...


Editing wp_list_comments() output

WordPress Codex says that wp_list_comments() “displays all comments for a post or page based on a variety of parameters including ones set in the administration area”. But headaches begin if you want to change the comment HTML inside theme files – if you ever tried this, but wasn’t able to find any element that appears inside comments’...


How to change Gravatar size in WordPress

For listing comments in your comments template in WordPress theme, you will use wp_list_comments() function. It accepts several parameters, and one of them is avatar_size. Default avatar size is 32 which may appear too small, depending on how your theme is designed. Thankfully, you can easily change this by changing avatar_size within functions’ array: [crayon-5a165d2967926833285602/] How big...


Transitions between video slides in Revolution Slider

If you want to use transitions between slides where each slide has video background, there is a simple trick that will make it work. Have a look at this example – there is a nice horizontal sliding effect between slides. The trick is that these aren’t videos sliding, but background images taken from these videos (normally it...


How to avoid black bars in Revolution Slider

So you have that cool video from YouTube or Vimeo and would like to use it on Revolution Slider? Every once in a while, clients ask me how to remove black bars appearing around their videos. This is also a frequent topic on support forums. Given that Revolution Slider will not resize or crop either YouTube...


Allowing HTML within WordPress excerpt

Allowing HTML within WordPress excerpt is a very common request. Therefore, I am providing likely the most complete solution available on the Internet. The code is posted on stack exchange WordPress channel and is created by Pieter Goosen. The complete explanation with further examples can be found on the link provided.