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How to reorder product categories on WooCommerce shop page

As you probably know, within WooCommerce you can set the Shop page, while on that page, you can also set what you want to show there. You could show either categories, products or both. Now, the thing is that sorting options work only for products. But if you choose to display Product categories, they will...

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How to password protect all posts within post type

If you want to protect all posts within selected post type (for example all products), you can try my Bulk Password Protect Post Types plugin. I published this plugin few days ago and it allows you to choose one or more post types and set password for all posts within. If you like it, feel free...


How to change href value using jQuery

If you have a situation where you would like to change href atribute (URL, that is), but can’t access the code directly, you can definitely try using jQuery prop(): [crayon-5a345d094e04b523478575/] So all you need to do is target <a> element within container and this should do the trick.  


Download working WordPress “X | The Theme” child theme

Ever had a project where you had to create a child theme for WordPress “X | The Theme” but you didn’t have the original child theme available? If you used any of the child theme configurators, there is a big chance that child theme didn’t work or didn’t import styles. In that case, don’t hesitate...


How to center HTML element with absolute positioning

Believe it or not, something like this will do: [crayon-5a345d094e4aa493314576/] You can also center the content using text-align. Now as for width, some say that it is required, but in many cases I didn’t see any difference (I guess this is dependent on the browser). And you’re encouraged to add max-width combined with width:100% values.